Music, Musings, Meringues...

Today was nice :) It's my friend Caroline's birthday. Happy Birthday, love! Not-sweet-but-very-nice-anyway 17!
"We were only seventeen, we were holding back our screams..."
Another ten points for anyone who guesses the song!
Seventeen is a good age to be, even if everything is still as illegal as it was at sixteen. It feels like it's midway between adolescence and adulthood, so while our prime concerns are still teenage drama and school stress, we're looking ahead to whatever course or career awaits us. We're suspended between two different worlds. We are in a state of flux.
And yet another music reference! Somebody stop me. I must remember that this is supposed to be a semi-literary blog, not just an excuse to spew random song-lyrics. Then again, the pop-songs of today could be the poetry of tomorrow. They might study what we currently perceive to be tuneless, repetitive trash as epoch-defining literature. I hope not, but you never know. Art is all relative any way. So maybe Keats was just the Britney of his generation.
Yeah...Don't quote me on that. :)
Since we're talking about literature, I might as well tell you what I'm reading: Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang . I want to be in this book, even if I'm not a man-hating teenage delinquent like most of the characters. There's just something so endearing about the Foxfire girls, their collective strength and unity, despite the vulnerability of the individual members.  It's a shame they're such vandalising, thieving, car-jacking, violent, public menaces, otherwise they would be perfect role models for every girl to aspire to. Yes, I'm being ironic, I probably just like it because there's a character called Legs. I'm doing an extended essay on 20th Century American Women, although judging from all the works I've read so far I should change it to "Neurotic, Suicidal, Lesbian, American Women (with attitude)"
I should probably stop now, before I go off on an angry feminist rant.
I am currently listening to: Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan.
"You're the reason I've been travelin' on..."
If any song is to be analysed as poetry it should be that one. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
I'm currently eating: multi-coloured sprinkles left-over from the meringue/birthday card my friend Matt and I made for Caroline. It's an in-joke. Don't ask :)
See, Caroline, not only do I get you a meringue, a dog-puppet, a compilation cd, a crazy-terrier paperblank, and seventeen word definitions, I also congratulate you publicly on the internet! I bet no one else did that! Oh wait...facebook...duh.
Happy Birthday!

And Goodnight,
Sarah xS


I also want to congratulate you publicly on the internet :-)
 :@
That is so cute (: But facebook sucks and it doesn't count. and I could tell you the title of the songs, but it wouldn't be fun, otherwise, would it? thank you (: <3
Why yes! Congratulations on your musical expertise. You get ten points and a slice of virtual carrot cake :)
Sarah, eres magnífica ¡¡¡¡¡ No cambies nunca!!!!!!!