Pictures, exams

I haven't posted in a while now, mainly because of the massive mountain of work I have piling up. I've got big exams in less than a week. Oh noes. However, I have finished the extended essay I have been working on for what seems like an eternity. Twas fun, even if it does give the impression that I'm a ranting feminist lesbian, since it's all about this beautiful, magical, wondrous bond between women in American literature. Basically, according to female American writers, women are united and peaceful and lovely, whereas men are the scum of the earth. Yay!

In further news, I've got new pictures from this photoshoot thing I did. They were taken by . These are my favourites; Yay! So thanks to Mark for taking some nice pictures of me, despite the fact that I am chronically un-photogenic. Now I should probably get back to work. I am writing an essay about Tess of the D'Urbevilles <3. I am currently listening to Stork&Owl; by TVotR. I am eating chocolate biscuits. So all is good. Peace out xxx


Hi Sarah, I stumbled upon your webblog and I find it really interesting. I am really impressed, to be honest. :) What is your novel about? And when is it going to be published? xx
Thanks ^-^ The novel should be out some time in the next year...hopefully soon. I'm still not sure exactly though. It's a weird mixture between fantasy and realism with some philosophy thrown in. It's about time I put a synopsis and more info up here, thanks for reminding me :) x