Where is my mind?

I'm writing a philosophy essay on the mind, but all I can come up with are song lyrics. Trying to write about finding the mind through introspection and I've got the Pixies' "Where is my mind?" repeating over and over again in my head. Have just suggested that everything, including the external world, might be produced by the mind:

"In a world in which there are two different planes, the nonphysical/internal, and the physical/external, it does not seem possible that the two should be linked, since by their very definitions the material and immaterial are incapable of interaction. I know, however, that interaction occurs, for seemingly external perceptions travel inwards, while the decision to move, made in the mind, results in the movement of the body. Since this cannot be the result of an interaction between the physical and non-physical, and I reject the idea of both mind and body being physical, the only conclusion I allow myself to draw is that both mind and body are nonphysical."

It sounds alright up to there, but I've written as my concluding sentence; "Baby it's all me." Curse you Dandy Warhols and your infectious tunes!!!  x


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