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Geography and Plays

Well hello again. I realise I haven't posted in a while, apologies to my many adoring fans (ie. my mom and some random redditorz), however I do have a semi-valid excuse. I have been in England this past week doing interviews for university. It sounds scary and stressful but in fact it was quite pleasant. As you may have guessed from the literary ramblings of my last entry, I am somewhat of a literature fanatic. I will just randomly quote Wordsworth in ordinary conversation or drift off into Dickensian day-dreams. Even at totally-rad parties you may find me curled up in the corner, lost in some Victorian romance, since (and if anyone gets this quote I will love them forever) " I should infinitely prefer a book." It was therefore impossible for me to apply for any subject other than English Literature (or EngLit and Philosophy). So I got to spend a few days lounging on JCR sofas, stressing and digressing with the other candidates who, despite being my rivals, were lovely. The interviews themselves were actually enjoyable. I love reading books, I love talking about books, so it was a blessing to have discussions with tutors who feel the same passion I do, people who specialise in the very authors and fields I adore. And I've lapsed into corny personal statement mode... oh dear. But anyway, it was an amazing opportunity, so even if I don't get in, at least I've had that experience. :) In further news...I spent a night in London and went to see this: speaking in tongues Speaking in tongues - With John Simm (love!) and the guy who plays Quirrel in Harry Potter! And it was quite amazing, beautiful and sad. And John Simm is quite possibly an acting god. I have also bought five new cds because I am too susceptible to HMV 2 for 1 deals. Hockey, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, The Stone Roses, Joy Division and Daft Punk. And they're all brilliant, obviously, particularly Hockey, which is why you should buy their new album I'm still not sure why I bought Daft Punk though...I don't even like electronic music. Probably because they're French, and they play their music all the time on Anyway, I'm wandering off topic now, which suggests that I have exhausted all the items of interest I have to say. Goodnight then xxx. <3


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