Well hello there...

Good day. This is the first, historic post in what may turn out to be the most enlightening, life-altering blog you will ever read. Alternatively, it may be just one of many random posts about nothing in particular that will have no effect on you whatsoever. You'll just have to stick around and find out. Oh the suspense!

I warn you, I've never blogged before, apart from a brief and angsty stint on, but we've all been there. I suppose I should start by introducing myself.

Hi. I'm Sarah.
I live in Spain.
I plan to write.

That last line is a quotation, by the way. Ten points to anyone who gets it.There's more, obviously, but in good time I will fill in the 'about me' page and all will be revealed! Judging by the fact that I am falling asleep as I type, it is probably time for me to wrap this up. Don't worry, I will write a more interesting and coherent post when I am feeling less inclined to let the keys flattened my sleeping head fill out the rest of the page. Yes, my next entry will be brimming over with lyricism and wit, challenging the very nature of life the universe and everything. Or not.

Can you feel the suspense yet?