Where is my mind?

I'm writing a philosophy essay on the mind, but all I can come up with are song lyrics. Trying to write about finding the mind through introspection and I've got the Pixies' "Where is my mind?" repeating over and over again in my head.

I'm a Waterfall

I was off school today with a migraine, not much fun. :( Not being able to do much else, I resorted to collage-therapy. I love making collages, so I suppose you could say I have an obsessive-collaging-disorder (get it? OCD! Yes, I know, terrible pun). So while I have not done anything worthwhile today, I have made this:

Geography and Plays

Well hello again. I realise I haven't posted in a while, apologies to my many adoring fans (ie. my mom and some random redditorz), however I do have a semi-valid excuse. I have been in England this past week doing interviews for university. It sounds scary and stressful but in fact it was quite pleasant.

Music, Musings, Meringues...

Today was nice :) It's my friend Caroline's birthday. Happy Birthday, love! Not-sweet-but-very-nice-anyway 17!
"We were only seventeen, we were holding back our screams..."
Another ten points for anyone who guesses the song!