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We zig-zagged and cross-hatched through a world we
Embroidered, embellished with stars,
Painted swirls and curves on the canvas, we
Made beautiful all that was ours.
The patterns were so pleasing to our polka-dotted eyes,
The tartan clouds we sent spiralling,
Down through sequined skies.
Flowers marked our kisses, perfect flowers on our skin,
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Bathroom Geography

Hospital gown, open at the back,
Revealing red polkadot underwear,
Toothpaste blue or mouthwash cerulean,
Enclosing burning skin, rippling organs,
A wedding of sickliness,
A straggling veil of thinning hair.

Soon she'll be down, open at the back,
Shredded, embedded in a mortuary sack,
Toilet-bowl pale and toothbrush thin,

Are there any objective moral principles?

This essay won the Edgar Jones Philosophy Essay Competition from St. Peter's College Oxford.

As humans in a society, we are, however involuntarily, bound to the ideas of right and wrong. They are at the core of many aspects of our behaviour; our laws, our decisions, our attitude towards each other, all are affected by the moral principles we live by. Even those who deviate from the traditional ethical code, by opposing it, accept its existence. Yet despite all the importance we attach to these values, we cannot definitively determine their source, or their legitimacy, though we stand by them fiercely when they are contested.

Intimations on the Ephemeral

Autumn days, like forbidden drinks, are best served on the rocks,
Where our small-town minds survey the small-town docks,
And the bay is sunken in shade,
In the shadow of the rocks,
And disappointed, weekend tourists drift over the pebble beach,
Unaware of our voices out to sea, roaring raucously in mockery,