Bathroom Geography

Hospital gown, open at the back,
Revealing red polkadot underwear,
Toothpaste blue or mouthwash cerulean,
Enclosing burning skin, rippling organs,
A wedding of sickliness,
A straggling veil of thinning hair.

Soon she'll be down, open at the back,
Shredded, embedded in a mortuary sack,
Toilet-bowl pale and toothbrush thin,
Dulled organs enclosed in an envelope of skin,
Paragon of peacefulness,
An old soul takes to the air.


Ah, yes geography. those painful days.
Amory Blaine? Yay, now my blog is so amazing I've even got fictional characters posting on it! Either that or your extended essay has clouded your sense of identity :-P Lol, yes this is the poem I wrote in geo...good times.
me? fictional? i'm insulted!
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