We zig-zagged and cross-hatched through a world we
Embroidered, embellished with stars,
Painted swirls and curves on the canvas, we
Made beautiful all that was ours.
The patterns were so pleasing to our polka-dotted eyes,
The tartan clouds we sent spiralling,
Down through sequined skies.
Flowers marked our kisses, perfect flowers on our skin,
We made a pattern out of paradise
And left stripes on every sin.
All the banalities of our lives,
We wove into glorious art,
Our diamond print eyes shone, reflected,
The love in our pinstriped hearts.
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Good but I could do better.
Of course you could, Sylvia. The only problem is that you've been dead for quite a long time I'm not sure what you're doing surfing the internet...oh wait, I remember, you're Lady Lazarus! ^-^